Saturday, November 6, 2010

10 Classic games for Mattel's Intellivision

Click the game titles for articles about each game.
Perhaps my favorite Intellivision game. You make giant burgers while avoiding evil hot dogs, pickles and eggs. Simple, but tons of fun.
One of the first ever, if not the first ever, video games having to do with health-related issues. I realize that sounds boring, but it wasn't. Microsurgeon was an awesome game.
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Back in the day, this was the only way to play a D&D video game. And it had decent graphics, good sound and fantastic gameplay.
Lock 'N' Chase
In my opinion, this game on the Intellivision is as good as any version of any maze video game I've ever played including Pac-Man. You play a robber who goes around picking up coins (dots) while avoid the long arm of the law.
Kind of a mix between Space Invaders and Asteroids, Astrosmash was one of the grooviest games around. You could play it for hours and hours. Literally, you could play it for hours and hours. How? Because as you got better at the game, the game got harder, but if you were having a tough time with it, the game got easier.
Night Stalker
That spooky heartbeat sound always in the background made this one of the creepiest games ever from the golden age of video games. And it was awesome! I spent hours upon hours playing this one.
Space Hawk
Seemingly a lot like the hit Atari arcade game Asteroids, Space Hawk offered enough differences to make it a unique game in its own right. And it was a ton of fun to play, too!
Star Strike
Back in the day there were no games actually based upon Star Wars, but Star Strike was pretty darn close. With all that flying and shooting along the trench of a space station, it seemed a heck of a lot like you were flying an X-wing fighter along the Death Star
Tron Deadly Discs
Remember the movie Tron? If you do, then you might also remember there were a bunch of video games based upon this movie about being trapped in a video game. Awesome, awesome game, this one. One of my favorites for the Intellivision. I could play this sucker forever, even after it got pretty tough to play.
Major League Baseball
Great graphics and a lot of fun to play, but the big drawback was you had to have two players. Still, when you could get that other player, this was the best baseball video game in the world back in the day.
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